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VEHTEC designs and produces energy efficient heating solutions and systems for the transport industry. We have, through a strategy based on products, patents and trademarks such as VeHeat, VeForce and FleetHeat, a clear insight into the future requirements of energy efficient and intelligent heating solutions. VEHTEC creates the conditions for you to gain full control of your climate.

New regulation - GDPR

New regulation - GDPR

In compliance with the current General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, we hereby wish to inform you of our updated Privacy policy. VEHTEC AB processes the personal data of its business contacts within the company and maintains a database of the company’s customers, suppliers, business partners and users who have registered with or entered contracts with the company. Please take your time to read through our Privacy Policy

FleetHeat – welcome to a smart bus depot!

The ability to remotely operate the heating system gives you full control over the vehicle temperature and battery level, ensuring the bus can leave the depot under the optimum conditions. FleetHeat gathers information on local weather conditions and automatically adapts heating to each particular vehicle
and temperature. Economical, efficient and easy. Welcome to a smart bus depot!

VeHeat – system for a comfortable heating

VeHeat – system for a comfortable heating

The patented VeHeat system combines two technologies in one product, radiation and convection heating. It is the most innovative system in bus climate yet. VeHeat ensures a faster and more even heat distribution throughout the bus, for the same level of comfort all around the interior, keeping fuel consumption low and energy efficiency high – a comfortable heating solution!

Vehtec Product Range Overview

Vehtec Product Range Overview

Explore our current range of products for heating systems for buses, trains, boats, heavy machinery, service vehicles as well as military vehicles. We offer solutions both for preheating and heating during traffic.

VEHTEC offers sustainable solutions for markets today and tomorrow. We have a clear insight into the future requirements of energy efficient and intelligent heating solutions.

Let us know your specific needs and we will design your bespoke heating kit.

About our products

Swedish Quality

Care for quality has always been our highest priority at VEHTEC. That is why we develop, test and manufacture our products by working closely with our suppliers, making sure that we meet the need of each customer and maintain the highest quality and control.


We ensure the highest quality and safety by constant revision of the certification requirements and work with leading certification institutes such as SP, TÜV and more. We are certified with the latest certifications regarding electrical safety, fire test, environment and ISO quality certification. If you need a copy of the certificate, do not hesitate to contact us.

ISO 9001:2015
ECE R118 & R10