VeHeat is the most innovative system in bus climate for years. The patented VeHeat system combines two technologies in one product, radiation heating and convection heating – for the most comfortable heating on the market today.

Design and comfortable heating

VeHeat covers both 1-pipe and 2-pipe demands in one product, and can be equipped for a variety of applications. VeHeat ensures a faster and even more heat distribution throughout the compartment, for the same level of comfort all around the interior, keeping fuel consumption low and energy efficiency high. VeHeat is manufactured in sustainable materials, easy to produce, install, maintain and recycle. VeHeat heater body in recycable aluminum will keep its capacity throughout its entire lifetime. The new look is modern and gives a stylish impression.

Veheat facts:

  • ensures a faster and more even heat distribution
  • keeps fuel consumption low and energy efficiency high
  • is easy to manufacture, install and maintain
  • is manufactured in a sustainable material
  • is easy to recycle



Technical data

VeHeat is tested for pressure up to 10 bars.

LengthHeightWeightWidt with fins from wallHeating effect Q100
Can be supplied in all lengths up to 10 metres140 mm< 3 kg/m53 mm1220 W/meter