This is our answer to the future. For optimum preheating of vehicles Vehtec offers the Eldi Preheater, an all-electric heater.

Eldi – for optimum preheating of vehicles

For optimum preheating of diesel, hybrid, hydrogen and electric vehicles Vehtec offers the Eldi Preheater, an all-electric heater. This independently operated heater with current 400VAC or 230VAC is our answer to the future. Eldi Preheater comes with an internal circulation pump, this means that it doesn’t have to rely on the vehicle´s own system. What we call it, an all-in-one heater.

It´s 100% emission free, no harmful exhaust gases and no noise. With a heat output of 2-10kW the heater is suitable even at extreme outdoor temperatures. Reliable operation is ensured by the temperature sensor in the heater.

The preheater is supplied with complete connection cables in desired lengths and with quick connection to the heater. The water is simply connected in series with the bus heating system with hose fittings according to your measurements.

For optimal heating, Eldi can be operated with Fleetheat, a remote controlled system that activates the heaters due to external temperature. This ensures that the busses leave the depot under the optimum conditions.


Eldi Preheater Facts:

  • Emission free heating
  • No harmful exhaust gases
  • Silent
  • CE and ECE R118
  • Compact Size – easy to place & install
  • Built in pump – all in one heater

Art noPower (kW) / Switchable toVoltage (VAC)Current (A)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
919819.8400 - 3 Phase N1555019019012.5
91494919.8/4.9400 - 3 Phase N15/7.555019019012.5
917617.6400 - 3 Phase N1155019019012.5
91303016/3400 - 3 Phase N9/4.545019019010.5
9123201013/2230 - 1 Phase14/103501901909.0
912330301*6/3230 - 1 Phase1545019019010,5

* Norway 6000W (3000W) 230V 3-fas.