An extra boost to our class-leading VeHeat convectors

3Tec can heat your bus in under five minutes

3Tec is an energy saving concept that offers a smart and efficient system with our stylish VeHeat design. The unique combination delivers up to 4 times as high capacity as standard convectors.

3Tec is where we take advantage of 3 technologies in one unit: convection, radiation and forced heat, benefiting from extensive R/D both with CFD and in real life tests across Sweden and Europe, giving in hand a system delivering 1 m3 of hot air per meter and minute.

Available in standard lengths of 500, 1000 and 1500mm, we are adding forced convection to our VeHeat convectors, which gives up to four times the heating effect. To the end customer this means that their bus will warm up four times faster.