3Tec & E-3tec

An extra boost to our class-leading VeHeat convectors

Heat your bus in under five minutes

3TEC, our patented forced air heat technology, takes advantage of 3 technologies in one unit: Convection, Radiation and Forced air heat, benefiting from extensive R/D both with CFD and in real life tests across Sweden and Europe.
At a speed of 1.5m/s, the unique combination delivers up to 4 times higher capacity than standard convectors, delivering 1 m3 of hot air per meter per minute.
A medium-sized city bus for up to 60 passengers equipped with the 3TEC system therefore can be heated in less than 4 minutes, meaning your bus will warm up to 4 times faster.


With the added electric application in E-3TEC, the system has the potential to cover a multitude of varieties from combustion engines with fluid-based systems to full-electric vehicles, while still maintaining the main task of maximum output with a minimum input.

For the individual fleet manager there are immediate advantages in maintenance and economy, but the overall outcome for society in general is even more important as we transgress towards electromobility and alternative energy resources, as the 3Tec system leads to less emission, less pollution and less strain on any energy resource.
Available in standard lengths of 500, 1000 and 1500 mm