Automated smart heating for your fleet

The heat is on – FleetHeat gives you full control

All data is easily controlled via the website fleetheat.se, where you can import schedules for the depot’s buses and, combined with the local temperature readings, make sure the bus is warmed up with optimal energy efficiency. View the current status of the bus, such as battery level and departure times. In short, FleetHeat gives you full control of the heating!



FleetHeat leads to fewer cancelled trips and reduced penalties. Wear and tear on the bus is decreased and the work for the track managers and depot personnel is made easier. The driver’s comfort is ensured from the beginning of the shift and passengers can be taken on a warm bus from the start of the route.

FleetHeat is a smart bus depot – welcome!


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Automatic Remote Control

Automatic Remote Control

  • Heating system for each bus is easily operated and regardless of location
  • Designed to work with all brands of bus and engine heaters
  • Programmed through Excel and other spreadsheet programs
  • Simplifies traffic management
  • Increased vehicle mobility between depots


  • Automatic operation
  • Easily-imported presets
  • Individual timer functions for each vehicle
  • Buses pre-heated on schedule
  • Reduces work load for depot staff


  • Easily managed through the webpage
  • Monitors battery level
  • Displays temperature at the driver’s seat
  • Detailed logs on bus temperature, battery level etc
  • Issues alerts on temperature deviations and warns if the bus is not ready


  • Pre-heated engines consume less fuel from the start, saving fuel and money
  • Reduced hazardous emission
  • Improved working conditions for drivers from the start
  • Improved passenger comfort
  • Less maintenance due to reduced engine wear


  • Adapts heating to local temperature conditions
  • Automatic regulation of inner temperature
  • Optimized energy efficiency